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There is an official procedure for each brand.
Requisites for acceptance of repair/replacement under the manufacturer's guarantee for a new or replacement diesel unit
  • Compliance with the agreement between the manufacturer of the injection system and the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Unit fault within the guarantee period.
  • Number of kilometres travelled or hours of use of the vehicle within the contractual limit.
  • Fault caused by manufacturing defect. (If the fault is due to causes extraneous to the manufacturer of the unit, repair or replacement of the unit does not come under guarantee).
  • Submission of the documentation required by the manufacturer. (Sale invoice, photocopy of vehicle documentation etc).
Rufre is connected to the Robert Bosch guarantee system and manages it directly.
Rufre manages directly with Delphi the processing of the guarantee for a diesel unit.
Rufre is connected to the Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Subaru guarantee systems. If the dealership requests our involvement, we automatically receive their request via the IT system and we manage the guarantee directly.
For the other brands that are Denso customers, the dealership completes the request for a service under guarantee and, depending on the agreement, a given protocol is generated which initiates the procedure.
Rufre directly manages with VDO the processing of a diesel unit under a guarantee deriving from the after-sales service
Rufre manages directly with Stanadyne the processing of the guarantee for a diesel unit.


Rufre Diesel Injection celebra su 60º Aniversario

El pasado 6 de Octubre, la empresa Rufre Diesel Injection celebró su 60º Aniversario con una jornada muy especial, en la que todos los trabajadores se dieron cita.

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